'A shell’ is a new, researched project that began in July 2018.


As the name suggests, an inspiration was born out of the fascination with shells. This fascination is associated with the fact that the shells are ancestral objects which were used greatly in the past for both materialistic and spiritual purposes. In order to revive those archaic objects, we employed an analytical technique coined by a Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung - active imagination.

The effects of the beginning of this research can be seen in the video below.

Shells vary in shapes, sizes and colours, some resembling - waves and others - spirals. At first, they depict a curious pattern as if an artist painted and sculptured multi-faceted figures. Just below the surface, the symbolic interplay of geometric patterns becomes much deeper in meaning. They might suggest an ongoing, circular energy which is the basic form of nature’s expression. Also, the very bottom part of spiral shells looks like an entrance to a tunnel. The tunnel which leads to... where does it lead it? Can you hear them singing?