Transmission of the flower is a therapeutic theatre group based in Malta. Karolina Mielczarek and Laura Kuukkanen are the founders, managers and performing artists, Rafael Mielczarek is the  photographer, filmmaker, graphic and website designer.

We collaborate with other artists including a renowned musician and composer Renzo Spiteri.

The theatre seeks to emphasis the importance of theatre making  as a creative process which engages, inspires and connects. We strongly believe in the principle of body-mind interconnectivity, the active interaction between the psychic and corporal realities. 

C.G. Jung said that repetition of our ancestral past helps to heal. As  gesture, movement and dance in general were the first language we had communicated with each other, our focus is particularly directed on the physical expression. We are inspired by old, European beliefs which highlight the concept of life as a constant flow of energy which never dies as well as paceful coexistance with nature.

We trust that our ideology contributes to rising awareness of the therapeutic qualites that moving body in general intrinsically possesses.

Why are we Transmission of the flower?

Transmission of the flower stems from the treatise by Japanese Noh theatre founder, Zeami Motokiyo, about the 'Transmission of the flower, shape and style', in Japanese called 'Fushikaden'. The treaty teaches about fundamental acting practises of Noh students. It is defined by different levels of progression or 'acting initation' named as styles or flowers. A careful reading of this book allows to notice a number of significant phenomenons related to actor's training as well as widely understood artistic activity which can be treated as a way of life, growth and self-realisation.


We want to pass on some stories (flowers) of our past which have been forgotten for far too long.