January 27, 2018

The story of the ancient goddess is the legacy of us all which has been forgotten for ages. It was reborn thanks to the excavation and decipherment of the signs, symbols and images of Old European art by Marija Gimbutas. ‘Joseph Campbell compared the work of Gimbutas to Champollion’s deciphering of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Ashley Montagu considers her findings as important as Schliemann’s excavation of Troy’, we wanted to pay tribute to her passionate devotion in revealing the truth about our past and honour her memory so she could become al...

January 15, 2018

Life is a never ending circle of energy: life, death and rebirth. This concept of the circle of life accompanied Neolithic European culture roughly from 7000 BCE until the beginning of the Bronze Age – 17000 BCE. This is when life on Earth was lived in peace according to matriarchal values wherein both sexes were equal (gylany from gy – woman and an –man) until the appearance of the Indo-Europeans who eventually brought about the concept of war, competition and division of society.

‘L-Imlejqa’ is set in the matriarchal society in which a mot...

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