How did all begin? The birth of the concept of L-Imlejqa.

The Maltese prehistory and its heritage is barely known to a larger public unless someone’s interest revolves around this subject. This is a pity! Do you know that the Maltese temples are considered to be one of the oldest testimony of culture and beliefs in which art indicate NOT primitive reality but highly ABSTRACT thinking?

A significant example of that art is expressed in figurine sculptures of tiny goddess and gods, found all over Europe. Most of figurative art also called by Marija Gimbutas as ‘little figurines’ is known because of her lifetime research of a pre-Indo-European Neolithic culture known as ‘Old Europe’ (the term coined by her). Gimbutas takes us on a journey into a very far past. That past, even though we know very little about, is not mysterious, obscure and misty, but full of vivid images of intelligible manifestations of life. A sort of life in harmony with nature, every and each living being wherein man worship its world in love and peace. He is an extraordinary observant of his reality and wants to imitate it the way it is. He doesn’t desire to subdue his world because he is inspired by its beauty and frightened by its darkness. Out of this whole umbrella of admiration, wonder, awe, excitement he creates art in the image of his ‘God’. The little figurines are expressions of gods and goddesses associated with his genuine observations such as human body and its functions, animals and their role, cosmic phenomena, etc. In particular, an emphasis is put on woman. Her breast, buttocks, abdominal and pubic area are emphasised to pinpoint the importance of her power of life giving. She embodies not merely an anthropomorphic figure but most of all animals related to her qualities, both positive and negative. Positive attributions are these of care, helpfulness and devotion found in sow, hare and bear. When speaking of her negative side, the examples are animals which devour and entwine like fish and snake. To be continued...

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